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Keydous NJ81 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Keydous NJ81 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

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Product Description
The Keydous NJ80 is a superlative keyboard in nearly every way, and the NJ81 Bluetooth Keyboard puts that same performance on display—literally—with a customizable  panel in the top right corner. This handy little display will let you cue up battery life, connectivity, and a whole suite of other macros that will help your workflow Read More

Sep 14, 2022
For anyone who is intrigued by the screen, it is a TFT screen instead of an OLED. The official Keydous website state in their description and pictures that the screen is not an OLED. The first minor issue that I have with NJ80 is that there is no separation between arrow keys and ctrl, shift keys. I use it since February, 2021 and to this day, whenever I am typing something, sometimes, I accidentally press arrow key instead of either ctrl or shift. Thankfully, you can somehow adapt to this after continued usage of the keyboard. Now, this layout is even worse from my point of view. They just mashed every key and called it a day. I'm just wondering, how hard is it to just separate keys like in every proper 75% keyboard? If you compare it to the new NJ68 pro version, which has a moving knob and TFT screen, aluminium case, some kind of gasket mount, triple connection, and south facing LEDs this keyboard is not worth it for now. Hell, even NJ80 AP, with an onboard memory looks better than this.
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