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Nov 4, 2018
I had the problem that with factory ear tips they would not stick to my ears at all. Took the biggest tips from another product I had at hand and suddenly I was pleased with the sound and fit. I don't rate that as a negative, because the human ear is so individual designed, it is actually like a fingerprint. I was not lucky that they fitted out of the box.. Now after more listening: Still there is something about what I find the highest mid and high range especially on vocal and classical tunes. Or the song Birds of Chicago "Till its Gone" I like to refer to here. Allison Russell has a warm voice I think which is not represented the best way and even the Clarinet she plays comes along with that high pitch at times in this tune and then the last seconds of the song is applause clapp from several hands, hmmmm....? BUT THEN I WAS LISTENING TO THIS:
after actually listen to "UNCOMPRESSED" (192bit) music I am pretty impressed with the KZ SZ10, They turned from lustless/ lifeless into extraordinary audiophile!!! What a difference!!! The Birds of Chicago song was a simple mp3 file down boiled to 128bits which is obviously a very limited audio experience.
Nov 4, 2018
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