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Logitech Pro Gaming Keyboard

Logitech Pro Gaming Keyboard

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Jun 15, 2021
Why is this here?, like, I've never seen a Razer KB listed on this site before... I don't get it at all. 🙄
Jun 16, 2021
I'm glad I'm not the only one wondering about this
Jun 22, 2021
What happened here is Logitech got the new gpro x hotswap so these just sitting somewhere and they gotta do something with em
Jul 3, 2021
The X version has been out for over a year by now if I'm not mistaken. I do know they exclusively sold it through their own website, along with ridiculously overpriced switch packs that are essentially Kailh manufactured Reds, Browns, and the Blues found in this soldered model... maybe they began selling the Pro X at other storefronts/sites? Either way, I have no idea how the regular Pro model listed here sells at all. I actually picked one up from a local store for 75 on sale a long while back just because I enjoy trying out OEM boards now and then to see what the climate is like in that market. It is just... so bad. I'm sorry, but it is nowhere near worth 118 bucks, maybe 60-70. Even then, you'd have to be the type to not care much for switch feel, sound, all the "enthusiast"-important aspects to find any enjoyment from these. The blues feel far too fatiguing for some reason, the click jacket is particularly horrible... I do NOT see how the blue switches are the only option Logitech offers in a "semi-premium" gaming keyboard. It doesn't feel suited for gaming in the least. Why not offer these with soldered browns or reds at least? Not that it would redeem the board from all it's other massive short-comings. I returned it to the store after a day trying it out haha. I don't even want to get into what else is bad about it because this will turn into an essay length post (I know it already is lol), it's that bad. So bad, I unashamedly enjoyed the Romer-G version of this keyboard more than the GX Blue version LOL. I still like some of Logitech's products, I'm using one of their mice atm, but they really really need to do something about their mech gaming keyboard selection. The only half-decent offerings they have are the cheaper k8xx-something somethings that you can actually get with TTC or Cherry Red/Brown/Blue's (which are still very budget and basic in feel/quality for their price and feature set), or their Lo-Pro's with the slightly proprietary in design (to my understanding) Kailh Choc v1s. Far, faaaaaar from perfect, but at least useable... if you can afford the outrageous pricetag on them for what you get. The Orion 800s (not even sure if Im thinking of the right ones there lol) aren't AWFUL either as they can be purchased with Cherry Reds Blues nd maybe Browns, with a sliiightly better build quality than this super plasticy cheap feeling mess they label the "Pro Gaming" board of their lineup.... THE STABILIZERS, good lord THE STABILIZERS. That's all I have to say on that matter. Logitech, all other "gaming" keyboard manufacturers are leaving you in the dust and that's WITH subpar offerings themselves. It's just sad what Logi's mech selection has become. Let's see more unique switch offerings/layouts at sensible price points. It's like a car manufacturer just selling the same models year after year with no change *cough Mitsubishi cough*, lol at least they're being "innovative" now and making their desirable models all into crossovers and SUVs with recycled design cues. Sound Familiar? Basically, Logitech keyboards are the equivalent of modern day mitsubishi's. Hah. They need to bring back the keyboard equivalent of the Lancer Evolution, or at least the DSM generation Eclipse, but they'd have to make it GT-S or GSX trim level equivalent, lmao. Both companies just do not take serious any feedback from users that actually care, at all. Sorry rant over, Logi's gaming selection is just such an obvious cash-grab with zero actual passion toward the products they put out. MX Master stuff is pretty nice at least, but also pretty pricey... yeesh, I'll shut up now before I go trade in my Logi mouse for something else... in fact, maybe I will haha.
Aug 12, 2021
Sep 30, 2021
helpful thank you poggers indeed
Aug 18, 2022
does it have a volume button, knob
Dec 3, 2022
Look at it
HUH. Really? Not hopswap. Not MX style. Thin, dodgy keycaps. I thought this was a semi-decent mech keeb vendor. This is just garbage. Why?