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Feb 27, 2020
I tried one of these out from Amazon and was thoroughly impressed. For the price it had a great build quality and typing feel. However, as noted in a previous comment I found the right shift key to be a deal breaker since I primarily use my right thumb for the space bar. If you use your left thumb, then I’d say this is an excellent inexpensive intro to the 40% world. If you wanna upgraded version, then I’d recommend the vortex core!
Interesting. What are the steps to flash the firmware to the board? Just out of curiosity. I have the original version in white/silver with a split space
Jul 8, 2020
Hi, sorry if i bring out old discussion. just get myself this keyboard as i love the look and portability, however i always use right time for space and this shit on right space bar really killing me. i tried to download the firmware, however i never successful updating it and it always fail. am using windows 10, already tried to run it on windows 7/8 compability version but still not working. any advise here ? thank you.
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