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Jan 23, 2016
I found another review:
Generally most of the Chinese reviews said this keyboard is a super-value purchase and for the reviewers, given its price range, the craftsmanship is surprisingly dedicate with attention to details in design. I think they managed to achieve the low price by not offering anything comparatively rare, e.g. PBT or POM keycaps.
For me, I particularly like this keyboard layout because I like compact keyboard plus I use the arrow and page navigation keys. The other option for me is Leopoldo FC 660C / 660M, but the price is 3-4 folds. There is also the new Varmillo VA68M recently, but I like the keyboard to be black or white, not grey; and the floating keys design of this "Magicforce Smart" 68 matches nicely with my modern looking furniture. I am not going to talk too much about the Comic Sans logo of Varmillo - the manufacturer of Varmillo comes from a culture that they don't use Latin alphabets too often: It is similar to getting a ridiculous and ugly written Asian character tattoo on someone's skin - people who have no knowledge of Kanji / Hanji probably cannot tell most of the Chinese tattoos are examples of super bad looking handwritings. After all, seems to me, advantage of VA68m is mainly at its more shine resistant keycap materials (PBT).
I just hope for two more things, then it will be a perfect keyboard: - swap the FN key and the ALT on the right hand side (like how the keyboard layout is like on VA68m or on most other keyboards), or give us a switch option to swap that. I use my right thumb to press ALT on the right hand side next to the space bar. - fully, or more programmable layers, like the White Fox keyboard.
Feeling hopeful for the future of mechanical keyboards.
Jan 23, 2016
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