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May 13, 2022
So no discount and a 1 1/2 month wait? This is literally the same price as everywhere else. And I'm 97% sure it was actually cheaper on aliexpress a week ago (around $330) So in the next month and a half I'll probably be able to find it for less than this, if not I can still order it in the middle of June for the same price and get it sooner than I would have if I had commited to this. I'm not sure what the point of this drop is... Sure, you can use your rewards point, and you get rewards points (less than 5$) but that really isn't going to feel worth it when you find it somewhere for a lot less during that month and a half wait, from somewhere that let's you choose cable termination. Personally I prefer 4.4mm because that's what all my amps use. Some have both but all have 4.4mm. A 4.4mm cable would cost me more than the $10 I would save using rewards points. Rewards points that aren't going anywhere and can be used on the next thing I buy. Not that I was really planning on getting these, I literally just bought the originals, still if it was actually a good deal I would have returned the ones I just bought and gotten these, I'm just surprised they actually sold two of these. I am still in the return window and the only reason I didn't buy these is because the price is still high and the originals were supposed to be very good (they are) so how much better can these be. I'm sure they are better but it's still the same design made by the same people and it's a relatively large price gap.
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