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Feb 19, 2018
Although I was aware that this chair lacked tilt or tilt-lock before purchase, I'm struck by how important this feature seems now that I have the chair and realize what I'm missing. I've read the posts about the reason for the no-tilt-lock chairs, and that tilt-lock chairs will be available in late February, so I wonder if it's possible to have the feature available for people who purchased the chair from the original (discounted) inventory. For example, structure the drop to have the tilt-lock capable base be an option on top of the original chair with a surcharge, as well as having the ability to join the drop without the chair, just for the tilt-lock base at a price at or over the surcharge cost? This would also allow Massdrop to try to sell any remaining no-tilt-lock inventory in the same drop as the new chairs, assuming there is old inventory remaining.
Feb 19, 2018
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