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Shargeek Matrix 67W Charger

Shargeek Matrix 67W Charger

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Product Description
The Shargeek Matrix 67 Charger is a power-house adapter that’ll replace nearly all of the bricks and wall-warts you carry around with you every day. And thanks to its neo-old-school Macintosh-inspired design, it’ll look good while doing it Read More

Went up $3 before pulling the trigger :'( Eh, in for 2 anyways. Looks useful and fun.
Sep 7, 2023
I picked up one of these pre-launch as a crowdfunding campaign (and the 30W charger before it). Absolutely love it, and every other product made by Sharge. Expensive but has the geek aesthetic. Charging speeds are super fast and it doesn't get too warm.
Sep 7, 2023
Shipping puts this at the same price as just buying the same one off Amazon, which arrives tomorrow instead of December... classic drop move lol
Jul 13, 2023
The $20 shipping charge continues the rort Drop has become infamous for…
Mar 15, 2023
No reviews on this?
treal512They are being produced but those of us that ordered haven’t received it yet. I got the 35W version already and it’s awesome, I am looking forward to this 67W version arriving.
treal512The charger finally arrived! It works great and is super cute. I love how much smaller it is than my 67W Apple adapter. It has 3 USB-C ports on the top so you can charge your Mac, iPad, and iPhone (or favorite USB-C device) at the same time (totaling 67W). The display gives a matrix animation on startup and shows charge percentage when actively charging. My only regret is not ordering two.
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