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Massdrop x Beyerdynamic DT 177X GO Headphones

Massdrop x Beyerdynamic DT 177X GO Headphones

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May 23, 2022
2022-05-23 Update: An email was sent out about an hour ago to participants - wanted to share here as well in case anyone missed it. As our vendor was beginning production, they discovered and rejected a key component that did not meet our standards from their supplier. As a result, the supplier is remaking them, which now puts us at a new estimated ship date of mid-August 2022.  We'll continue to update as production progresses, and as always feel free to respond here with any specific questions that may come up.
Hey, just looked into this and it appears you sorted it out already with the cancel and reorder. Let me know if you need anything else. :)
May 24, 2022
HoffmanMysterThanks! Yeah I was a bit impatient haha. Is there a slight chance that these might ship before the new mid-August date?
Oct 12, 2023
I don't know much about headphones, but these have been reliable daily drivers for music, youtube, and gaming since I purchased them a few years ago. Even with daily use and standard care they've held up with no signs of damage or loss in fidelity and remain super comfortable to wear for hours at a time. Really recommend if you have the money to spend, are just starting out with more serious listening, and/or want something that will last you for a long while.
My right driver has died. Bought them 3 years ago so past warranty. I took the headphones apart and confirmed the right driver is dead and not the cables. Anybody have luck sourcing a right driver?
Oct 15, 2023
briantotheyanyanHey, I have exactly the same problem and find no drivers ;( did u maybe find one already?
Apr 24, 2023
Any thoughts on a 199X coming around?
Mar 31, 2023
I had typed a very long message explaining my situation but accidentally closed that browser tab (!) Anyway, suffice to say, is there an authorized third-party that can work on the DT 177X Go out of warranty? My left ear-cup distorts when I listen to anything that is... "over-modulated". Initially, I went to Consolidated Sound Services but was informed that they cannot work on them as they are a Drop product, technically. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Jason
Jul 6, 2023
JasonCManleyDo you got any news on it? For me my right ear-cup sometimes "disconnects". Like even if I'm in Discord in a voice call it sometimes for a very short duration >1s it stops working and then works again. I really want to fix this issue but have no idea wherer to get spare parts or get it repaired if needed.
Mar 23, 2023
How do these compare to dt 700 pro x? which is better overall for single player gaming and music. Rap hip hop etc
Dec 17, 2022
Headphone Cases I would put this in the Reviews, but I bought my headphones through the secondary market that Drop doesn't want to acknowledge, so I'm limited to here. I just wanted to post feedback from trying to find a good case for these headphones. They're a bit larger than most, and they also have the exposed cables to each driver that is thin enough to be susceptible to breakage after enough manipulations over time. My main criteria were: 1) Case rigidity. A lot of cases are designed with a decent amount of flex in mind. I wanted something I wouldn't care about lashing to a carry-on bag and shoving into an airplane overhead bin or under the seat in front of me. 2) Compression of the headphone wires. This is not a huge thing, but if I don't have to replace the driver cables on the headphones, that's a bonus for me. I like tinkering, but time is precious. 3) Handle or loop(s) to hold the case to a bag while running through an airport. Tl;Dr - My choice: Gator Cases ($29.99) It's about as small profile as you can get with these. Rigidity is great - doesn't fold in easily and transfer force to the headphones. The bright red interior is nice you've got loose accessories. The loop is fine - I wish it was a little beefier but it should get the job done. Zipper is pretty easy, although I might go ahead and cut off the pull tabs and replace with paracord because they feel a little flimsy. Bonus: The molding just happens to fit my personal headband extension pretty well, so I don't have to shorten or elongate to fit the headphones. I just take them off, put them in, and zip it all up. A lot of cases seemed to be shorter and required the headband to be shortened to fit. Not a make or break, just something that was a pleasant surprise. Runner-Up: Accessory House Global Premium Carrying Case ($34.95) This one also had really good rigidity. Zippers seemed to have a silicone sleeve for waterproofing which was really nice, but they're really tight and I suspect it's enough force to open the case that the zipper is likely to break at some point. Put a noticeable amount of flex on the exposed driver wires right where they go into the ear cups which also didn't look great to me. Nice handle and a side open instead of a top open. Others:
  • Geekria Shield Case ($32.90) - First headphone case I got. Soft case. Worked fine. It's got pluck foam so you can custom fit your headphones, but it makes for a bulky case, and the pluck foam isn't all that clean, so it takes holding the foam to the side while you get the headphones in. Not bad, just not great.
  • Aproca Hard Storage Travel Case ($19.99) - Not very rigid. Easily compressible. Fit is fine if you shorten the headphones, but this is another one that squeezes the driver wire right where it goes into the earcup.
  • Aenllosi Hard Carrying Case ($21.99) - Another "hard case" that's easily compressible. Same issues as the Aproca.
  • Mchoi Hard Portable Case ($19.99) - Same as the Aenllosi and Aproca. Easily compressible and bends the driver wires in when closed.
Hope that helps anybody looking for a headphone case. Enjoying the hell out of this great set of headphones (made even better with the Brainwavz Memory Foam pads).
Sep 4, 2022
Got mine last week and just had a moment to try them out. These need a break-in period, don’t they? Aside from waiting to see how the tonality mellows, everything else seems about right for the price point. I rarely spend more than $100 on headphones. These feel much better than my typical headphones.
Aug 11, 2022
Is the mini XLR jack in the earcup supposed to be able to rotate or is mine defective?
Mar 27, 2023
PandaemicaYours is defective. Mine does not rotate at all.
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