Massdrop x MiTo MT3 Godspeed Custom Keycap Set
Massdrop x MiTo MT3 Godspeed Custom Keycap Set
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Prepare the ship for a new mission. MiTo’s Godspeed keycaps are, by now, well known in the mech keys community—but we wanted to take them even further, to a new frontier Read More
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Godspeed Enters A New Frontier

Prepare the ship for a new mission. MiTo’s Godspeed keycaps are, by now, well known in the mech keys community—but we wanted to take them even further, to a new frontier. Now, these NASA-inspired caps are sculpted in Matt3o’s unique MT3 profile. What’s MT3 profile? Many computer terminals of old were constructed with a slanted switch layout from front to back. Because of that slant, the keycaps sat at an angle atop the switches, too. This set is a reimagination of that unique slanted build, but optimized for modern keyboards. The design is inspired by NASA’s signature aesthetic, with the instantly recognizable colors from the Apollo 11 lunar module cockpit. But that’s not all: it comes in two different colorways (Apollo and Ares) to match your favorite keyboards.

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Dye-Sublimated PBT Construction

Made from PBT plastic—long considered the superior keycap material—this MX-compatible set is both long lasting and resistant to the shine that occurs after long hours of typing. The legends are dye-sublimated, so they won’t fade over the long haul. Each keycap is tall and scooped, which makes it easy to orient yourself on the board without looking down. The aggressive slant of the MT3 profile feels natural and satisfying, especially when typing for long periods of time.


There are four different options to choose from for the base alphas: the classic latin Solar alphas, the Rams alphas (Nordic/Space Runes), the Kobe alphas (Japanese Hiragana)—which were seen in Laser GMK and Canvas XDA—and the Kadet kit alphas (Russian Cyrillic).


Modifiers available in both Apollo and Ares colorways in Text and Micons. These full kits contain enough keycaps to complete both regular and custom 40% and 60% keyboards, all the way to tenkeyless and winkeyless form factors.


Standalone numpads available in both Apollo and Ares colorways.

Minuteman Glow-in-the-Dark DSA Monokit

A full exclusive kit in DSA profile and made entirely from glow-in-the-dark PBT material. This kit contains alphas, modifiers, add-ons for non-standard keyboard layouts, and novelties. The majority of popular mechanical keyboards, including the Vortex Race, will be covered with this monokit.


Exclusive for the Apollo colorway (the original Godspeed scheme), this kit is designed as a standalone Filco MiniLa modifiers kit. It’s also an add-on kit for a multitude of less common custom layouts.


These are standalone modifier kits for ortholinear keyboards, such as the OLKB Planck, Preonic, and others. They are available in both colorways: Apollo and Ares.


This kit is available in two colorways and features space-themed legends.


International kits covering Nordic countries, plus Germany and the United Kingdom. There's also coverage for Colevrak DH users and those looking for color symmetry with their set.


The Novelties kit comes with the classic Godspeed logo, which was initially conceived as a Hydrogen atom and its lone electron. A chevron similar to the one present on the original NASA logo is included as a tribute. A multitude of colorful keycaps related to space vehicles are present in this kit as well. What's more, MiTo has added a Space Race kit, which includes the “Поехали” key. This translates to “Let’s go,” Yuri's reply to the control room at the moment of the rocket's launch. Finally, there are two Japanese key legends: one that means "Space Person" (1u), and another that means "Godspeed" (2.25u).

Milky Way

Hand-designed planetary, celestial bodies, and space paraphernalia novelty logos, applied on color-coordinated keycaps as a tribute to the solar system and human space exploration. There are 13 keycaps, which is enough to completely cover Esc + function row on 75%, tenkeyless, 96%, and 100% keyboards, or to replace the entire number row on 60% keyboards. This kit can also be used as a whole set of modifiers on some mini keyboards. The designs cover the nine planets of our solar system, the sun, the soon, Halley’s Comet, and the Voyager I probe.


These are hand-designed astronaut novelty logos applied on color-coordinated keycaps as a tribute to the Apollo 11 crew and the character Mark Watney (played by Matt Damon) from The Martian. The kit also pays tribute to Yuri Gagarin, the first human in space, and Toyohiro Akiyama, the first Japanese national to fly in space.

Spacebars & Extras

Depending on your specific layout, one of these kits may be required. An alternate F-row kit is also available. Extra arrows and mono symbols kits (containing numeral characters and punctuation) are available for those who want a more minimalistic look.

  • Colorway designed by MiTo
  • Profile designed by Matt3o
  • PBT Hi-Profile Keycaps
  • Dye-sublimated legends
  • Compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones
  • Fully sculpted based on IBM beamspring keycaps
  • Made in China
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Estimated ship date is June 28, 2019 PT.

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