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Mar 11, 2017
Just got my pair in this morning, Fits great. Compared to the HD598 I have at work, these are a little looser to start off. But like the HD598, I expect these to loosen to a more comfortable fit. Sound quality between the two are near identical. I use the Creative Sound Blaster X7 at my work and a Sound Blaster Z internal sound card at home for the PC37X.
For those of you complaining about how tight these are, I would love to know what you're comparing them too becuase these are no where near as tight as some I've had in the past. And I am a big guy that where's a 7-3/4" fitted hat. Been wearing these for about 5 hours straight, straight out of the box and have no fatigue. I also have larger ears which is usually a problem with most headsets, especially the whole Razer line-up and haven't had a single problem with these, nice design. Love Sennheiser.
Mar 11, 2017
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