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Megalodon Console 64 Keyboard

Megalodon Console 64 Keyboard

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Dec 14, 2023
Anyone else having trouble connecting to QMK/VIA? The online app can detect the keyboard as joystickex but will not go over to the configure screen after I attempt to connect.
Sep 29, 2023
ah yes the "MEGALODON CONSOLE 64" man i grew up with that classic
Picked it up from KeebMonkey a few weeks back...wish I didn't. 2u left shift and a 1u right shift definitely isn't ideal, especially when it comes to picking up a compatible keycap set. However, the biggest drawback is the biggest selling point - the joystick. It feels insanely sluggish and exposes the inside when you move it too far in a direction, but since it's set as mouse up / down / left / right in the software, it takes a few moments for it to realize that it can do 180 and 360 degree movements so it naturally snaps to this X/Y axis. There's also no joystick sensitivity adjustments settings what so ever in the software. Sucks. Did a video on it on my YouTube channel if you want to come along for the rollercoaster.
Apr 10, 2023
frankpassalacquaThe joystick is meant to be a novelty lmao not to be used as an actual joystick for games. Thats why you have a mouse lol.
Feb 23, 2023
Jan 11, 2023
Is that stick functional? Because if it is......*stares at wallet intensely*
Jan 9, 2023
Thank goodness it has no option for ISO or I'd be ordering it right now! I don't need it. I want it!!
Jan 9, 2023
This reminds me a little to the AP2 keyboard and the built-in accelerometer for playing as if were a wireless controller. Was a fun addition but impractical for gaming as the keyboard is too big and heavy to be used in a natural way. The Console 64 gives me the same vibes as it intends to merge two dispositives in one making the keyboard use more space than it should and presenting a controller more wide than it should be. Most custom keyboards have enough weight to maintain the keyboard in place so attaching a controller to it doesn't feels natural to me. Maybe I'm all wrong and this keyboard results a good product after all and you can play with no problem, but I'm a bit reluctant about it.
this companies wild with their love of knobs and extra non standard kb inputs. love em. while i dont need this as i have an entire desk top made of megalodon macro pads the concept is solid. though i would make some changes like figuring out how to move that joystick to the front/center, below the spacebar area so that one of your thumbs can manipulate it leaving the rest of your fingers on the keys as normal. a concept similar to laptops with the little dot mouse thingy in the gh key area. id do a joystick input for the left side of the front and move that knob to the right side of the front so you can use left thumb on joystick and right on the knob that is now horizontal and mostly embedded into the kb frame so you can just swipe your right thumb left/right on that wheel. your thumbs mostly just sit around hanging out waiting for their once chance to shine by hitting the space bar so might as well give them some more to do in what has traditionally been an empty space input wise. have only seen a few that put a 2nd "hyper shift" type button down there before but lets go a step further.
Jan 11, 2023
radpoodleI see you haven't found the rabbit hole yet.