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May 28, 2013
Hey everybody. After taking a look at the final stats, we had 100 units of Modern Masters sell out in about 2 minutes 30 seconds total. As a result of the huge spike, many of you had problems with slow load time, the site crashing, or just generally being unable to access the buy. This was one of the highest traffic spikes we've had since we started Massdrop (we've had higher traffic days, but never this many simultaneous visitors to our site). Just to give you some context, here are our unique visitors by hour for the past few days: We increased the number of servers that we had running in preparation for this, but clearly it still wasn't enough. We've made some improvements which will ensure that tomorrow is significantly better than today (for more details, see Nelson's post below). As for the extra 17 orders - we've emailed the people who were affected to cancel. If you didn't receive an email and you placed an order, then there's nothing to worry about - you're in.
May 28, 2013
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