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Moondrop Stellaris Planar Magnetic IEM

Moondrop Stellaris Planar Magnetic IEM

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Product Description
Moondrop is a name that carries quite a bit of gravity amongst audiophiles—and now the Stellaris Planar Magnetic IEM launches that reputation to the stars. Thanks to 14.5-millimeter planar magnetic drivers in each earphone, the Stellaris provides a undeniably stellar level of detail and power, without muddying up the lower frequencies Read More

Apr 13, 2023
where is Moondrop Blessing 2 ? Drop should sell Blessing 2.
My review on Soundphile Review: I wrote there that "while there’s a richness to the sound that is uncommon at this price point, with a very good level of detail, there’s also a problematic sound signature that most people will find excessively tilted towards the upper area."
Apr 6, 2023
I bought a pair a while back after seeing Zeo's review on them. The packaging they came in is beautiful, and case and IEMs them selves are pretty as well. I love the sound profile of them as well. I usually daily drive Shure SE215LTD, and I think the profiles are similar for me with the Stellaris being more crisp and clear with the low end vs the Shures being more muddy. I usually use them with a Cowon Plenue R2, with BBE Mach 3 Bass equalizer enabled, but they sound great without that as well. My only critique of them would be the cable, the cable is very pretty but compared to the Shures that I am use to with kevlar lining, the Stellaris cables are very pretty and delicate looking. I have not had them fail on me, but every day use I am sure they would not last as long. Probably a not fair comparison there. But at least if they do fail, they are easily replaceable. For $110 MSRP I definitely was down for them and very happy with my purchase. At $89 drop is offering these for sale I would say is a steal.
Apr 10, 2023
SegamanXeroYou shoulda put this in the review section and at least received a few drop points for your effort.
Feb 9, 2023
Headfonics review of Stellaris: "The Moondrop Stellaris is a musical and fun-to-use budget planar in-ear monitor. The qualities it lacks are made up for elsewhere. This is not a good generalist IEM; it is a specialist that I find most enjoyable in jazz and slow genres."
Jul 24, 2023
oh geez. sorry man.
Jul 24, 2023
Erock541no worries but as a neutral observer i guess ballads :)
Apr 6, 2023
For the price, on amazon free shipping. these really can't be beat. Build quality is absolutely stunning, and comes with the the best cable I've seen on an IEM. Super detailed on the mids and highs, with just the right amount of low end to keep listening enjoyable. Might want to give them a burn in period however, because without it the high end creates quite a bit of sibilance.
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Apr 5, 2023
Gorgeous but skipping after looking at reviews online -
Feb 9, 2023
pandamon is even cheaper
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