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Morgrie RKB68 Bluetooth 65% Mechanical Keyboard

Morgrie RKB68 Bluetooth 65% Mechanical Keyboard

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The Morgrie RKB68 Bluetooth keyboard is streamlined in virtually every respect—but it doesn’t skimp on comfort or ergonomic performance. Standing just 18 millimeters tall, this ultra-slim board comes equipped with Kailh’s well-received choc switches and durable, dye-subbed PBT keycaps Read More

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Jun 19, 2023
Paired Switch:Linear
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Great Bluetooth Keyboard
Good board for the price. The case has a nice finish, and it's a solid typing experience. The switches themselves are alright, and the board is a bit ping-y, but this is good for a low-profile keyboard.
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Sep 21, 2021
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great keeb
The keyboard is great! It's thin, heavy, clicky. Everything I want. I can't figure out how to use the volume adjustment on the + and - keys, if I use fn key it just makes it a function key like f12. Other than that it's really good.
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Mar 26, 2021
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Clean design
This keyboard design is very clean and cute
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I'm rather ambivalent towards this product. It's cute (I mean really cute!). The Bluetooth device switching is a nice touch. Buttons are practical. Good UX. However, the overall quality is still not top-notch. The paint, finishing, switch (would be nice to prelube them), and other things make it feels like a half-baked product. I do enjoy the flatness of the caps and the incline, though, as I'm accustomed to typing on MacBook butterfly switches.
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Jan 29, 2021
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Really nice looking keyboard. not very ergonomic
This keyboard looks really good, especially the ceramic finish on the case. Other than that, the only downside for me is that the keyboard is not very ergonomic - the keyboard is almost entirely flat and there is no tilt option if you like to tilt your keyboard (like I do). But considering everything, I think It's a really nice keyboard and definitely an eye catcher.
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Jan 18, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Awesome board. Would like to see a few adjustments in the future!
I can vouch for this board. I have the white model with white switches. It's now my main travel board. Pros:
  • Nice aesthetics, great finish, metal case, and clean dye-sub legends.
  • Low profile: I have fairly small to medium-sized hands, and I rest my palms on my desk. I found the typing experience is pretty comfortable.
  • Offers both PC and Mac-friendly keys
  • Battery life seems good. Haven't needed to charge in the few days I had it wireless.
  • Is in wired mode when bluetooth switch is off.
  • Dedicated bluetooth controls on exterior:
  • None of that FN+[button] to switch bluetooth devices or turn on bluetooth.
  • Bluetooth controls actually look clean on the exterior (did not like how Keychron does them)

  • USB placement: It's located at the very right. Would prefer the middle.
  • Bluetooth range: Range works great beyond 5 ft for Mac, Android, and iPad. My PC, however, has much lower range at just 2 ft. It could just be my PC, but I've had much better range with other bluetooth 4.0 keyboards on my PC.
  • Very difficult modding process (see MrKeebs videos with the Morgrie RIE 60 for reference). Even if you've done quite your fair share of building custom keyboards, you might end up needing to bridge a few switches.

Recommended adjustments/additions:
  • Hotswap PCB model: With the modding difficulties, this is one of the few boards that could really use hotswap if the internals can't be made more user-friendly to mod.
  • Offer Polycarbonate case and/or plate option: Yo, this is a rarity. I would love to see a polycarb case option at this low profile! This would also improve wireless. If it's too light, having a metal backplate or switch plate is fine.
  • Include optional flat strip rubber feet: On the bottom of the board, there is a taller rubber foot that keeps the board at 3.3 degrees. For people that prefer the keyboard flat, having an optional flat strip to replace this would be great.
  • Include higher angle strip: My brother has big hands and he found this harder to type on without propping it up a bit. It would be nice to include a strip that could that prefer the angle. I know having an angle mechanism on metal cases is hard to get right.
  • Optional backlight model: Personally, I don't need backlighting, and I don't want see-through legends to be the thing, but some users would benefit from a specific model that achieves this.
  • Middle USB port
  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • Clearer charge indicator: Would love to know % charge my keyboard is at. I only know when the keyboard is charging (red light) or fully charged (no red light).
  • Key adjustment software: I know this is to come, but this really should have came out before release.
  • Dedicated Mac/Win switch exterior button: Minor, but why not add one more exterior switch for this function.
  • Offer more keycap options or at least sell the sets separately:
  • While I like the orange legends, black on white legends would probably attract more buyers. The blue model is also pretty out there in aesthetics.
  • These keycaps are clean and resolves most of the accidental switch hitting from the RIE 60 square caps. The problem we have as enthusiasts is that there are very little to no keycap options for the Kailh Choc switches. Where am I going to get keycaps in this 65% layout? I want more custom low-profiles keyboards to be a thing, and offering keycaps would help the community push for more low-profile designs.
Aug 24, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Mar 11, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
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