Noble Audio 2-Pin to Lightning & 2.5mm Cables

Noble Audio 2-Pin to Lightning & 2.5mm Cables

Model: 2-Pin To Lightnining Cable
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Multi-Layer Wiring with Stability to Spare

The Noble Audio 2-Pin replacement wire is a solid choice for any 0.78 millimeter-connected IEM, both inside and out. Inside, it employs braided, silver-plated copper wiring that’s optimal for interference-free audio. Noble Audio also added an internal Kevlar sheathing that provides further durability and protection from fraying and interference. Outside, a soft-touch coating offers a stealthy black look and a nice hand feel. In fact, this is the same cable that Noble Audio ships with most of its flagship earphones, so it’s a proven success in many audiophile setups. Choose between a 2.5-millimeter or Lightning termination for use with standard DACs or iPhones.

Note: At checkout, choose a 2.5 mm or Lightning termination.



  • Noble Audio
  • Coating: Rubber
  • Lining: Kevlar sheathing
  • Cable materials: Silver-plated copper
  • Connector: 0.78 mm 2-pin
  • Termination: 2.5 mm or Lightning 


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