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NPKC Wooden Wrist Rests

NPKC Wooden Wrist Rests

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Feb 10, 2023
What is the slope of the wrist rest? 19mm to 15mm? 20mm to 17mm? Any body know?
Sep 6, 2021
Old man Steptoe would call it "rustic charm".
Jun 24, 2021
When will the tkl wrist rest go back in stock?
Feb 17, 2021
As a person that suffers from tremors, I am not able to hover over the keyboard to type comfortably. The wooden-rest is more an accessibility feature for me than anything else. Make this rest in a 40% for my Ortholinear and I am all in. I don't care for the "racing-stripes" on my current Orca rest.
Jun 10, 2019
Ergonomic? No wrist rest has ever been ergonomic. Wrist rests are the known most common cause of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. All typing wrist rests are always harmful to human beings, but one that is deliberately made of something as hard as wood is completely insane. When I learned to type in high school in the 60s on an Underwood mechanical typewriter, lesson #1 was correct posture and correct positioning of the keyboard. We learned that we must NEVER rest our wrists on anything to avoid becoming crippled later in life. The correct posture and positioning for typing is as follows: With the arms at rest straight down to your sides, bend your arms forward till the forearms are parallel to the floor. The hands should be kept in-line with the arms and the fingers allowed to hang where gravity takes them. The correct height for your keyboard keys is just touch the tips of the fingers where they naturally fall. All typing strokes should be made by pushing the fingers down, and they should naturally spring back up to their gravity positions. In no case should the fingers be pulled up to release a key press, and in no case should the wrist be allowed to rest on anything.
For someone with shoulder issues, the only way to take weight off the shoulders that is safe for the wrists is to use forearm rests that support the bent arms directly to the sides of the torso, back near the elbows. I have been typing for over 50 years and have only had wrist issues once, and that happened when I was employed at a place that provided a workstation with a keyboard position too high up and too far from my body, so that my wrists had to rest on my desktop. Once the CTS inflammation and pain started, I remembered my training, and I screwed a keyboard drawer shelf under the desk, and got rid of the problem in a few days. It has always disturbed me that irresponsible businesses sell wrist rests and call them ergonomic, but I normally just keep my mouth shut to avoid confrontation, unless someone starts telling me about their wrist problems. But this offering of a completely rigid carpal tunnel manufacturing device being sold as "ergonomic" was too much for me to take. The only thing worse would be to make one out of cast iron. I hope I won't be seeing one like that here for sale now that I have said it out loud. Here is a detailed explanation for the how and why of this for anyone who hasn't heard this before, or anyone who is currently suffering with CTS who wants to be healed:
Jul 26, 2020
megalonzergI've heard from many people that wooden wrist rests are made for the very reason your talking about. Lots of people rest their wrists on their desks, which isn't correct. These make that extremely uncomfortable to promote keeping your wrists hovered over your desk.
Aug 26, 2020
CalebgravelynInteresting take. That could be a valid use for them, if they were called "Wrist Repellers", instead of Wrist Rests.
Jun 10, 2019
"Solid Construction" It's a f***ing board.
Jun 8, 2019
Not much of a savings I see here when you can buy the 60% and 100% for nearly the same price and get it sooner from NPKC through Amazon. I got both a Pine and Ugyen 100% for $30 each. They're high quality, pure aesthetic as they are functional (as intended otherwise why...). The 60% are also available on Amazon with Prime shipping, some may not be Prime eligible but it'll still get to you faster than here. The only benefit ordering here is the available option of Ash wood 60%, TKL and 100% which doesn't appear to be on Amazon.
Jun 7, 2019
Not sure why it says $45 as base price when it’s half that on Amazon.
May 29, 2019
Got mine. The rubber feet were placed on the wrong side. What a disappointment.

May 22, 2019
Received mine yesterday, unfortunately it’s warped so it doesn’t sit flat on the desk, going to message drop
Jun 11, 2019
MattraynerI ended up getting a refund from Drop
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