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Drop + OLKB Preonic Keyboard MX Kit V3

Drop + OLKB Preonic Keyboard MX Kit V3

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Product Description
The original Preonic keyboard was praised for its build quality, compact form factor, and intuitive layout—and the new version is no different. However, this time around we're offering the CNC-aluminum case in your choice of five colors, including the striking new purple colorway Read More
Review Highlights:
My absolute favorite
Easily my favorite keyboard form factor of all time. It has everything I need and nothing I don't use (and layers for things I want but don't use often). It's small enough to slip into my carry-on bag for work trips, or just in my backpack for when I'm going to chill at a coffee shop. Construction-wise, the Preonic Rev. 3 is built like a tank. Make sure you save the tiny pamphlet in the box, it has the assembly instructions. Personally, I go for the ultra-secure plate method. This uses the provided bolts and spacers to make the plate firm within the case. The plate is a hefty stainless steel plate with a tight tolerance. It will take some force to push the switches in. BE WARNED! The hotswap brackets for the switches can come off if you push too hard. I have made 4 of these model and have never had the issue, but it has been known to happen. The recommended method is to put a few switches in the plate, then line them up with the PCB, then place the remaining switches in place by putting your finger on the back of the PCB to hold the black hotswap in place while you use medium force to push the switch into the plate. This reduces the risk of popping off a hotswap. The board is programmed with QMK, but make sure when flashing it that you use the Rev 3 firmware. Rev 2 used a different micro controller and the firmware and layouts aren't compatible. I would love to do a write-up on QMK, but it's a bit complicated to set up and there are a million different things you can do with it. If you have questions, you can always ask on the OLKB subreddit (reddit/r/OLKB). Search first! Your question has probably already been asked and answered, but if you're really not sure just make a new post. People will usually help, but it's not super active so it may take a day or two to get a response. Included is a picture of my collection, which is just about a year old. I have quite a few more now...
Would recommend to a friend.
This is my first orhtolinear, and three days in I'm really liking it. I'm still in the process of figuring out where I want keys to be, and am _really_ liking the MOD_T setup (i.e. left-shift on hold, enter on tap, etc). From what I can see, it looks like there is a little solder on the USB-C connector, though that piece still makes me a little nervous. I got a magnetic cable set ( ) so there isn't any strain on the connector. Since I pack this from work to home and back, it's great for the convenience factor alone.
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Q&A Highlights:
Do I need to assemble this myself?
Yes, but no soldering required to get a basic keyboard with switches.
LED ready--meaning LEDs need to be soldered to the board (yes/no)?
The board comes with presoldered addressable LEDs around the edge of the board, other than that there is a cutout under each switch where you could put LEDs but there is nothing else other than the hole. If you wanted per switch LEDs you'd have to wire them separately.
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Mar 28, 2024
There are new keycaps and case on the site, shall we expect restock?
Mar 1, 2024
Please restock!!!!! This keyboard is a complete life hack. I want one for work and I'll literally buy two more on top of that as backups. That's how much we love this keyboard! PLEASE RESTOCK!!!!
Feb 19, 2024
Looking for cases only.... and maybe a pcb only option (mine has the 'm' key registering depending of the wind). Would be nice.
Dec 2, 2023
Hoping for restock or v4. I've been using my Planck for a month and just love it. But having a dedicated number row would be more efficient for my work.
Fiv3ScoreYeah @jackhumbert is working hard on V4. Hopefully this latest iteration will make it happen. TL:DR soon TM
May 27, 2023
restock... please
I've got 2 kits with no working PCBs now. I don't know if I should keep buying. Why is PCB only still not an option?
Apr 3, 2023
I've had my OG Preonic for a years, but it's time to have another. Anyone got news on a Rev3 restock or word of a Rev4?
Apr 15, 2024
NickMcPimpson2I ended up ordering a Ergomech (Ergodash?) keyboard. Very similar layout with some added ergonomics
Jan 18, 2023
I bought the preonic in May 2022, and just after 7 months till today the keyboard can't be detected. Getting the malfunctioned pop up and inside Device Manager showing "Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)". Try the reset button at the back of the keyboard but nothing happens. Is the PCB board brick?? Can't seem to find similar problems posted in either Q&A or Discussions.
Je3HI just hit the same issue last night. How can I unbrick it please community? I can still hear the midi sound I put in my keys. It's just not recognised by any OS, nor can I reflash it cuz it's invisible to the software...
May 16, 2023
pingshunhuangalexMay I know how long you have used it until it showed the above problem? Wish Drop is selling dedicated PCB boards for the Preonic.
Oct 27, 2022
Any information on when there will be a restock on the orange case?
Oct 18, 2022
I just got a Rev 3 (Oct 2022). I've been using an older rev (probably 2018 or so? it's USB mini) for years. One of the reasons I got the rev 3 is for the USB C port, so that I could use a C-to-C cable to my USB C laptop. However, when I use a C-to-C cable, the keyboard does not enumerate. If I use a C-to-A cable into a hub, it enumerates fine. The cable I am using is a 10 Gbps 60 W cable, and it works for other devices. I'm using qmk 89dbc18161 (Oct 18 pull), but the firmware straight from Drop had the same behavior. Any ideas how to address this? I would really like to use the straight C to C cable, as my laptop has no A port.
Oct 30, 2022
e.l.bI was able to find a different C-to-C cable that does work; I don't know what is different. Both cables work fine with other USB C devices (disks, Infinity Ergodox, etc.), but one of them does not work with the Preonic.
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