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Well, these are a little fiddly and different in their operation. The pairing and charging process could certainly be easier. However, once set up, these are extremely comfortable and sound amazing! I've been listening to Shure SE425's for a number of years now, and they have served as my benchmark. I've had a number of TW headphones, and the best I've been able to say about them is that sound comes out, and every once in a while a pair isn't killed by my sweat while running. These PSB's are incredible, and in some ways more enjoyable than my Shures. They have deeper and more potent bass, but not overdone. Bassheads look elsewhere, this is still audiophile bass. They are also more dynamic, and the top end is much more open. While not as razor sharp, the soundstage is actually larger and more natural than my Shures. They are surprisingly detailed, but less analytical and more fun to listen to. These have far exceeded my expectations, and at $79 now, I think they are a screaming bargain.
Nov 24, 2020
adams.brian.502Se425 is a benchmark the same way as iPhone 6 is a benchmark in 2020. Still a great phone but time to move on. A 20 dollar pair of B-lon 01/03 even blow away the se425/higher end shure iems except their electrostatic ones.
League544I agree that IEM's have come a long way, but I've heard those headphones. Bloated, way over-hyped. They can't begin to match the accuracy and clarity of any pair of shures, at least from 215 up. They have more, poorly executed bass, bout it. I know these PSB's are fidegty, glitchy, and comepletely impractical in terms of the latest tech, but they sound really, really good when fitted up properly. Full disclosure, I use Spinfits with mine. Still, while these more open and have a bigger soundstage, they can't match the separation of details my shures offer. I am looking for a serious replacement for my 425's, but it won't be a pair of cheapos, lol.
Dec 4, 2020
adams.brian.502Which models have you tried in particular? I do agree with you that there is too much hype and a lot of the most hyped set sound bloated. To be honest though I would rather a set sound slightly bloated with much better bass, than no bass and sounds thin. My Kz ZSX sound virtually identical to my FA9* which absolutely and completely obliterate any and all Shure IEMs besides the KSE. But due to the fact that you have to bring a brick everywhere with you just to listen to anything on those sets I would say they are also included because it's not only about the sound quality, it's about the sound experience.
League544I've almost had, or sampled, too many to list, both iem and full size cans. Multiple Shure models, dating back more than 15 years, Etymotics, B&O, Sennheiser, Martin Logan, ADV, Mee, Hifiman, Stax, Grado, Jlab, Jabra... Just the ones I have, and I've heard tons more. I'm very much inclined for pro sound, having spent a lot of time at a mixing board. Agreed, my 425s are light on the bass, but extremely fast and tonal. Same with treble, and never sibilant. I love bass as much as the next guy, but I can't stand it when it's slow or overdone and one note. But, since 90% of music lives in the midrange, my Shures are pretty awesome. I'm looking forward to hearing the new Aonic 4.
Dec 5, 2020
adams.brian.502Sorry about that, I meant to write FA9 not f89!! What Chifi sets have you listened to I meant, sorry again. The thing about these older sets is that they are using old technology, Kz ZSX for example uses 5 BAs and 1 DD, much more components than older sets. Now I am aware that it's not only about the components and in fact even sets that have a lot of drivers can sound awful but a set that has more drivers will sound better than a set that has less driver if they are both made with the saying level of skill. These single or double driver sets will not be able to match the full potential of what these Chifi iems have accomplished. The sub 50 dollar Chifi iems are probably pretty bad/mediocre. But the Kz ZSX blew my mind away. No bloat that I could notice and like I said compares within 5% of my 550 dollar FA9s that have similar components minus the DD. I'd just stay very far away from Shure, they might sound better than bad sets, but they're not competing with the top 50+ dollar chifis right now. I can speak from experience as well having owned the 425 and Ety 4xr as well as 2xr, these older iems just are behind in bass/sound stage.
League544I've tried Mee, and they sounded pretty good for the 2 weeks they worked... I'm hesitant to waste a lot of time and money on questionable products. I am intrigued by Moondrop, though. I'm seriously thinking about upgrading, though, like the 846s. The comfort and durability, as well as the sound, makes the Shures worth it for me.
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