PSB M4U TW1 True Wireless Earphones
PSB M4U TW1 True Wireless Earphones
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Sep 12, 2020
Five hours battery life, two hours to charge, and no charging case is not impressive in 2020. The IPX5 water-resistant body is nice, but I'd worry about water getting in through the exposed USB ports. Pairing them sounds like a hassle. Unless these sound terrific (and the three posted reviews use words like 'decent,' 'not the most accurate,' and, my favorite, 'a delight for the mass consumer'), I'm not really sure who the target market is.
Sep 13, 2020
I dont think that water would get in through the usb ports because apparently they are hydrophobically coated but the fact taht they need that weird charging thing in the first place and dont have a case/are actually separate earphones is super weird and sounds like a hassle.
Sep 12, 2020
For anyone who might be interested, a few reviews for reference: It seems these should have a secure fit and should sound pretty good for most folks if they can get a good seal. And charging philosophy seems best for those who carry power banks to charge their mobile devices. Since everyone online agrees their quickstart guide is worthless and a terrible mistake by PSB, here's the link to their more detailed guide from their website: (for other languages, go to manual section of
Sep 12, 2020
Thank you for the info kind person