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Jun 24, 2017
No one has mentioned that there are not standoffs? ?
you can't just mash the switches and PCB components against the wood and screw down. This was a problem in the original royal glam case too, but hasn't been addressed.
This comment is coming from someone that bought the wrist rest royal glam case for $100 and then had to put hours of work into it to make it decent. I had to resand the whole case bc it had rough grains on the wrist section, then put a polywax sealer and glued in brass nuts for standoffs. I also had to chisel out the hole better bc it didn't fit the dip switches on my v60.
many 60% boards have small controllers that will hang down lower than the other parts. And I'm not talking about the dip switches which have a hole cut out for them.
Look at all other tray mounted cases out there and you will see that they all have standoffs. And there is a good reason for it.
Jun 24, 2017
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