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Sep 20, 2019
Have one, for a few reasons. The 16/44 limit on an iPhone is so Y2K, I've got a pretty decent size HD library, including studio masters from friends' recording sessions, and yes, the difference between 16/44 and 24/96 is quite striking with my ears. Maybe not with yours. Just like I need glasses and many people don't. And, listening on this doesn't eat battery life from my phone that I may need for a three hour conference call later on. I carried a few different DAPs over the years because I traveled every week, at least three days, and did a lot of music listening in hotel rooms and airplanes, and wanted the music to be as deeply engaging as possible through my CIEMs or my travel speakers. Many brands, including a few that were hacked to enable better sample rates and bit depths, most recently a couple of FiiOs. The sound quality on this is every bit as good as the last two FiiOs I had, no EQ required. A lot of DAPs don't sound great through CIEMs, which are extremely sensitive, but this one is top of the heap. I've also listened to my AKG and Sennheiser open back headphones through this and the sound is excellent. While its tiny size is a big asset - I tuck it into the coin pocket in a sports jacket or parka, it adds zero weight to my travel gear - it's also a downside. I don't have Hulk hands (size L glove size) but it can be tricky to use the touch screen. That tiny screen makes it really hard to manage a huge library of music. That was a problem with every other DAP I owned, but the small screen intensifies the pain. But... thinking it through... I carry 8-10 micro-SD cards in a pill container. Each of them with a mix of music in some genre or another. If I'm in the mood for Afro-beat, I got a card for that. Classical? Got a card for that. Alt-Rock? Card for that. Etc. The media asset tool I use lets me swap cuts in and out of individual cards based on listening stats with minimal effort. I went to this on my FiiOs when managing 400GB of music made me crazy, and it worked. With this tiny form factor, even better. 128GB and 256GB cards are dirt cheap, and hold many hours of each genre. I manage the media on my computer screen. On this screen, I just start the playlist, or restart it. If higher definition files aren't important, don't buy this. If you love using your phone, don't buy it. If you enjoy high def files, and worry about battery life causing a dropped call with a client whose problems are paying for your house... you might want a DAP, and this is a good choice.
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