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Recommends for 6XX replacement cable(s)?

The wires on the left channel plug, just before the socket are acting up and I need to replace the cable for my Sennheiser 6XX headphones. Looking at Amazon, I see actual Sennheiser cables but one of them does not have the removable 1/4 plug (I use a DAC with 1/8" jack), and I would rather not add even more connection unknowns by using an adapter down to 1/4", and the other Sennheiser cable is far too long for my usage (looking for around 2 meters or just a touch longer. The 6XX have been around for a while and I'm sure I'm not the first to need a replacement cable. I'm actually surprised that Drop doesn't offer them perpetually like they do with the ear pads, which ironically my stock pads are holding up just fine. I'm not looking for $100+ cables here, just a solid replacement for what the 6XX came with. Thanks!


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