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Jun 23, 2018
I've joined the drop. I already have one of these and I'm very happy with it. But then I use it in a very specific way, as a jukebox in my car. I have one large playlist named WRON for "Radio Ron" with everything I want to hear cherry picked from my collection on shuffle play. That's all I normally do with it. I will use the 2nd one in a similar way, to source my dining room/kitchen system (music to cook/eat/entertain with). I will also take it on vacation to drive my Soundmatters Foxl bluetooth speaker. It'll be a nice compact transportable system, and AptX to boot.
I think the scroll wheel is a bit tedious for moving through the long playlist, but I don't need to do it very often. For navigating my folders (Genre/Artist/Album) it's fine. I also think the scroll wheel is a potential point of mechanical failure but again, I don't use it much. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like touch sensitive controls (e.g., Cayin N3) as much, especially doing "no look" while driving.
I like the sound of the unit. I don't know if it's the AK4490 DAC I like the sound of, or the implementation, but it's a nice, full sound, detailed but not etched. It will drive the HD6XX adequately but I seldom use it that way as I don't consider the HD6XX portable. When I use it with my HD6XX, I run it line out into a Vali 2 running one of my 6F8G tubes to drive them and it sounds great.
Jun 23, 2018
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