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Sharge Hostkey Power Bank

Sharge Hostkey Power Bank

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Product Description
Sharge is well-known for creating full-featured, high-quality power banks for a wide array of devices—and the Hostkey Power Bank takes that concept and packs it into a chassis made to look like the SSH host keys of the original internet era. Sitting inside a long, meticulously stylish beige canister complete with bright red LED lettering, this power bank will catch eyes just as much as it charges to devices Read More
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Nov 10, 2023
which USBc, the male on the cable or the female on the other side, is USB-C 1 (100w) and which is USB-C 2 (30w) from the datasheet?
Nov 10, 2023
I'm confused, how can a chassis be "made to look like the SSH host keys of the original internet era"?? They're text files with a bunch of random characters. I'm all for selling your product, but like, what does that even mean?