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Sep 3, 2015
So these should have arrived in people's doorsteps by now... has anyone received theirs? I just got mine, and I have to say... they're really not as bad as some of the reviews out there make them out to be.
One of the common complaints was that the headphones sound "muffled", and the bass is too strong, and I can see where those complaints come from, but I feel like those are just stylistic, sound signature complaints. The sound -quality- itself is very good for the price - it is a surprisingly smooth sounding headphone, and despite some things indeed sounding "muffled" just a bit, the details are all still there.
I currently own a Sennheiser HD-650 and Grado HP-1, and have owned the Grado RS-1, Sony MDR-CD3000, so I'm not some guy who has only heard $20 headphones in his life, and is marveling at these headphones. I just wanted a cheap pair of headphones for casual listening, where I could just pop them on whenever, for moving-watching, youtube-viewing, or music-listening late at night, and I can definitely see myself enjoying these.
The concensus seems to be, not worth the MSRP of $200, and I totally agree... but at $100 brand new (there are cheaper ones on ebay, but the ones I could find were all refurbished)? I think it's a great deal.
Sep 7, 2015
fuzzybaffyI agree with you. These have high-quality sound. I also believe many reviewers erroneously bash the sound signature as low-quality sound, and I have seen this with other headphones' reviews, e.g.: on head-fi threads.
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