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Teamwolf Stainless Steel MX 104-Key Keycap Set

Teamwolf Stainless Steel MX 104-Key Keycap Set

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Product Description
If you’ve been around the Drop Mech Keys community for a while, you’ve seen a few different packs of Teamwolf Stainless Steel MX-style keycaps. Now, we’re here to give your whole keyboard a full stainless steel army with a special 104-key set to adorn a wide array of layouts Read More

Oct 29, 2023
Will this keyset fit the new Razer Blackwidow v4 75% keyboard?
Sep 15, 2023
Would be an insta-cop for me if it had any of the other sizes of keys you need for basically any keyboard that isn't a drop ctrl. I don't want to buy a 189 dollar set for the crappiest board I own :(
Sep 16, 2023
Fangedrat2449lol same
Under the "Pre-order" button it says "2 months left." Does that mean two months remain to pre-order with guaranteed purchase or two months until release (and you better pre-order soon)? Sorry. New here.
It’s done that once already and then became available for order again.
silenciusThey're taking orders again today. I first noticed this as a GB which ran July 14 - 20, and the ETA was 10/12/'23. Today the ETA is basically the same - 10/24/'23 - so I suspect Drop is just taking orders whenever they anticipate having extra incoming stock (canceled orders, etc).
Sep 2, 2023
I would buy them if they were blanks.
Jul 17, 2023
Would love to see this in BLACK and in cherry profile
Very cool. Hoping to see the mods sold separately for those who already purchased alphas. Probably won't happen, but I would also love to see HHKB support (especially with 6u spacebars!).
Jul 16, 2023
there are a ton of people who didn't buy the alphabet key stainless steel set only because it didn't have the bump on the F and J key so what exactly was teamwolf thinking when they decide to leave it out again? do they hate money? do they not know what the people want?
Jul 14, 2023
Awesome if there was an option to buy a spacebar set
Pretty neat. I wonder how heavy the stab keys are? might be hard to use them with speed switches.
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