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Jan 14, 2019
Permission to review the new IEM I bought, namely the purple TFZ T2 Galaxy. One of the IEM is recommended in the $ 50 price range. Character: Neutral to Warm, leads to V-Shape (Forward or intimate vocals but the instrument is behind and besides to the vocals) BASS: The bass is great, but it's not boomy and controlled pretty good. For the upper and sub bass okay with the right intensity, just for a low bass a little less, if it's not too deep, but still natural and full. Decay is also right, not too fast or slow. Make EDM and HIP HOP very suitable and cool. MID: 1. Experience I feel for the midrange, right in the middle position, precisely behind the eyes, not piercing to the forehead area. (Usually for Analytical or neutral IEM to bright mid until it is in the forehead area) For those who want to be comfortable to wear for a long time, the IEM is perfect, does not make tired ears. But don't use it while sleeping ... DANGER guys ... I also have a TFZ King, yes that is more open and detail, but is too analytical, I can't use it for too long and it's not comfortable for me. Especially if you use KZ ZS6, Pfft ... 2. The vocals are intimate and bodied, so there's no need to worry until sibilance. 3. For instruments as large are behind and beside vocals, so for those of you who like to listen to classical orchestra, metal and jazz songs that need a more forward mid, I think this is not satisfying. TFZ T2 is more to all rounder IEM, the instrument is not too forward and right in the middle. All instruments can be heard well even though they appear denser and fuller. TREBLE: Very suitable for those of you who are not too concerned about clarity, the treble is laid back, not crisp, but still can be crunchy. What I like about this IEM is the details of the sparkle (like if the chips are being crushed or EDM songs have electronic sound effects) so it's not the type of IEM with a treble that cring cring ... as a result it sounds more dynamic and comfortable to wear for a long time. Soundstage: Spacious, but not as wide or as grand as Takstar HI1200. If you listen to instrumental songs, one of them is Two Step From Hell and Leo Rojas, like in HALL, we like being in the middle row and sitting position higher than the stage. When listening to songs recorded. We are in a room that is not too big, but the speaker is a little far from where we are standing. Suitable for those who want to feel comfortable but still aggressive or fun. Resolution and Technicality: TF T2 is the best in my opinion compared to other IEMs in the price range. Suppose you have TFZ KING or KING PRO, but with softer tuning, different characters, and narrower soundstage. Because using similar graphene. So for separations it has a similarity. The final result, the TFZ T2 Galaxy became my IEM Daily Driver. and I keep the TFZ King in my desk, haha ​​... But I say, this is just my OPINION and experience. Please audition your own according to the character of the sound that your want. Hopefully this review can help. Thank you..
Jun 13, 2021
FahmiPSYButuh jawaban cepat bang, Dibandingin takstar hi1200 dari sisi bass, soundstage, dan detail lebih bagus yang mana ya?
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