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Aug 2, 2016
Hey guys, welcome to The Amazing Chocolatier Group Buy! If you have any questions don't hesitate and ask!
Huge thanks to Yanbo for making the drop page and Massdrop team for supporting this project.
FAQ! Does [insert a kit] include [insert a keycap]? All packs include only the keys pictured.
Which layouts are covered by Tsangan/Whitefox Kit? This kit covers layouts such as winkeyless, Whitefox (Aria, Vanilla, Truefox), Neutrino, Duck Viper, Duck Eagle, Leopold FC660M, Winkeyless, Kmac Happy, Redscarf68, TADA68… Shift sizes are 2.25U and 1.75U and space bars are 7U.
I have an ISO board, which child deals do I need? You'll need to pick either the UK or the International Kit.
Does UK/International include ISO enter? Yep.
Which languages the International kit covers? Danish, Finnish, German, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish layouts.
How do I cover [insert a keyboard layout]? Standard 60%: Base kit + Modifiers Standard TKL: Base kit + Modifiers Qisan/Magicforce 68: Base kit + Modifiers Planck or Preonic: Base kit + 40% Minivan: Base kit + 40% Ergodox: Base kit + Ergodox Atreus: Base kit + Ergodox (just turn around the R2s of the thumb cluster and use it as R4s) Whitefox, Neutrino, Redscarft68, TADA68: Base kit + Modifiers + Tsangan/Whitefox Winkeyless keyboard: Base kit + Modifiers + Tsangan/Whitefox HHKB-like keyboard (Duck Viper, Duck Eagle, some GH60 layouts, some KMAC Happy layouts): Base kit + Modifiers + Tsangan/Whitefox Leopold FC660M, Clueboard: Base kit + Modifiers + Tsangan/Whitefox Fullsize keyboard: Base kit + Modifiers + Numpad Standalone numpad: Numpad UK keyboard: [any of the above] + UK Danish, Finnish, German, Norwegian, Spanish, or Swedish keyboard: [any of the above] + International Dvorak or Colemak keyboard: [any of the above] + Dvorak & Colemak
Are the Corsair Strafe and Logitech G710 covered? Unfortunately no, Signature Plastics doesn't manufacture 6.5U SA space bars.
Why do these keycaps cost that much? These are high profile, thick ABS, doubleshot CUSTOM made keycaps produced by Signature Plastics.
How does that raffle keycap work?
By participating on the drop you enter the raffle, winners will receive the Massdrop keycap (like a real life Golden Ticket, but for MK enthusiasts) What size is the 'up and out' key in the novelty set?
The 'UP AND OUT' novelty key is a R3 1.75U which is the same size as a standard CAPS LOCK keycap How tall are the SA keycaps?
The height of the keycap depends on the row profile, R3s are 0.462 inches tall (1,17cm)
search Are stepped capslock keys center mounted - that is: are they compatible with standard switch spacing?
Stepped Caps Lock and Control are off-center mounted
Aug 2, 2016
Aug 17, 2016
ZambumonAbout coverage: If you have an Infinity keyboard, if you keep the 6.25u spacebar and surround it with 1.25u keys (the extra spacing is aesthetically tolerable IMO, I'm done it on another unit), with the Base + Tsangan + Novelties kits you can ALMOST cover the whole thing properly, you don't need the Modifiers set.. All that's missing is a TAB key. I'll probably order it that way.
Note to the designer: Because of this, it would have made sense to have included a 1.5u TAB key in the Tsangan/whitefox kit.
Aug 17, 2016
Apr 13, 2019
ZambumonHi Zambumon, that keycap kit is the most beautiful I've ever seen. Can you imagine having a shine-through version for backlit keyboards like the ErgoDox EZ Glow ( I would instantly be in. Best regards, Erich
Apr 13, 2019
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