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Sep 1, 2021
I'm not a huge fan of these. Conceptionally, yes. I can basically turn any one of my many iems into a bluetooth iem using the appropriate rubber ear adapter that connects the iem to the bluetooth/amp portion. So I bought all the possible adapters to use all and any of my many iems. The problem is the build quality of the rubber ear/adapters. I have several that have become intermittent with barely any use and it drives me crazy. I believe the internal wiring inside the adapters are crap and with some bending fray or break. I hope they improve upon this idea. I invested more than I should have in this inferior product.
Sep 26, 2021
StereoguyFirstly, you only need either the 0.78mm 2-pin or the mmcx adapters, because the other 2 are basically irrelevant! Also to say get just a 2-pin to mmcx adapter or vice versa can cost around $25 for a quality set or $11 or so for cheaper ones whereas you can get these for around $7! However, secondly these are seriously bad, you can't get more then around a month of regular daily use before the charging contacts strip & you are unable to charge the units! Personally I say if aptx is a must, get the get the BT20S, not the Pros you won't have the charging issues, if aptx isn't needed (& honestly it hardly makes a real difference) , get the BT20's they're half the price! Finally, go with the Fiio UTWS3's which also have charging issues but it's easily fixable, (you just have to keep the charging contacts clean, with the TRN's the contacts are so sharp they strip the contacts on the units so cleaning them is irrelevant) or go with the Fiio UTWS1's that have aptx & a carring case that holds the units & the split micro USB cable & TRN ripped off the design & concept with the BT20's!
Jan 3, 2022
joshhalb1joshhalb1 Im not sure what your takeaway was from my post. I said I bought all the available adapters because I wanted/needed them for the iems that I currently own. Your opinion that they are not relevant are your own. Honestly, how much are we talking about per extra set of adapters? My biggest gripe was with the build quality of the over the ear rubber adapters. I have several that are intermittent as stated thus ruining my experience using them. Beyond that, I honestly don't know what else your reply was about. Are you advising me to try different adapters? Some other stuff about charging ports and aptx and then some advice/opinions on a Fiio?? All I said was these things are not my cup of tea because of build quality. I'm honestly confused by your response to me. No reply necessary as I don't really buy here much and therefore obviously never check the forums. I just happened upon this one and will probably never see your reply
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