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Woodplast Headphone Stand

Woodplast Headphone Stand

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Product Description
If you use headphones a lot while you’re working or gaming, then you know how much space they can take up on a desktop if you just lay them down. The Woodplast Headphone Stand delivers a mixed-material solution that’ll let you hang your favorite headphones elegantly above your desk space—taking up roughly half the footprint of just laying them down Read More

It's a bunch of sheets of 1/2 ply and thin acrylic that got run through a cnc machine, then bolted together. It looks awful and I'm not sure it won't give you splinters.
Aug 25, 2023
Soo more over priced deskspace junk. This has turned into a continuing trend since corsair bought drop, not only that, they haven't changed their sale items since then either, no 96 hour flash sales, nothing, just these whack "what's your major" pages that have very little to do with the topic, the accounting one for example, not even any num pad, or anything to actually do with accounting in there. Drop kinda sucks even more now
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