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Jul 13, 2017
I got tired of waiting on MassDrop and bought a pair off amazon. Thus I am removing my request for this item on massdrop. A few things here, GET the XL Pads if you get these headphones! Unless you have a very tiny head you will definitely need them. I love the functionality of being able to plug the line into either ear. They are tank-tough phones. These things are very durable. They are a little bass heavy. But as Zeos says, the mid-range is not recessed as fuck. I.e. they have a good balance and sound good. (I strongly suggest watching z-reviews youtube video for the M100's, its a good one), Would I buy them again? Hard to say, This is my first delving into anything resembling good quality headphones since the hand-me-downs my older brother gave to me from the 1980's. Those sounded good. But these are better. For the purpose I bought them for, (watching movies, gaming, listening to music, watching youtube, in a 3rd story city apartment which can get noise from outside randomly) they do a good job. So yes, I probably would buy them again. They are a bit heavy for extended listening and need a bit more padding on the headstrap. But that is fixed by putting a pad on your head before putting them on.
Jul 13, 2017
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