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Womier K66 V2 Hotswap Acrylic RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Womier K66 V2 Hotswap Acrylic RGB Mechanical Keyboard

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My brother loves it!
Got this for my 10 year old brother for Christmas. Had to introduce him to the mechanical keyboard world young!! All of his friends see his keyboard and have begged their parents for something similar lol. Good quality and value for the price.
Would recommend to a friend.
Pretty great for the price
For the price, it's a great little 65%-ish keyboard with fun effects and the sound of stacked acrylic vs. an aluminum case with space inside. I personally have discovered that I prefer a higher profile and having a plate with the cutouts for switches to be more secure, but for people who like lighting effects and are still figuring out what kind of switches and keycaps they like, with the exception of the odd-sized right shift which is an eternal problem with these smaller boards with the arrow cluster, this is a really great neutral setup for testing things out and types decently well with a little work as well. Edited to specify that the right shift is 2U, which is particularly uncommon. A lot more sets include a 1.75U option. You can use other 2U keys, like the 0 from a numpad, but depending on the profile it might not be quite right. Would recommend sticking to a uniform profile like DSA if you change out the keycaps.
Would recommend to a friend.
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Is this keyboard programmable?
It is not programmable to my knowledge but that's to be expected with a $65 dollar keyboard.
would the Astrolokeys keycaps fit this keyboard?
Yeah, the Astrolokeys will fit. One thing to note, though, is that the Astrolokeys Windows/System key is 1.25u and it looks like this keyboard has a 1u Windows/System key and 1u function key. In theory, this should not a problem (however personal preference may dictate otherwise) because the base kit of Astrolokeys has enough 1u keycaps left over to cover this 66 board (eg. insert, pgup, pgdn) with keycaps to spare for use on the system and function switches. Since the DSA profile is flat sculpt you can move the keys freely without worrying about the sculpt profile of the board.
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  • Womier
  • 66 key layout
  • Kailh hotswap PCB
  • Laser-etched shine-through ABS keycaps
  • Full RGB led underglow and per key
  • Rubber feet
  • Stacked acrylic frosted 3 layer case
  • Detachable USB-C cord
  • Full anti-ghosting
  • Gateron mechanical switches


  • USB-C cable
  • Manual


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