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6XX or 58x Jubilee? Go!

Taking a jump into the rabbit hole of "audiophile-dom" and would like to start off right. If you had to choose between the Sennheiser 58X Jubilee or the 6XX which set would you roll with? Price difference doesn't matter - after doing some research I feel like its pretty split, hoping this will help make up my mind. Thanks all!
LuckyLuke575 and gorian2222

HD 6XX. It scales like mad and is actually still one of the most resolving headphones on the market. These two characteristics make it particularly useful for evaluating changes in your chain. And I do find it quite the relaxing listen. I think the HD 58X is good and in some respects better than the 6XX (extension in treble/bass, for example), but it just doesn't have the same level of transparency to source and isn't as smooth in the treble.
Price difference is going to come from the amp that you need to drive them. It will be easier to find one at a lower price to do justice to the 58X.
6XX needs a beast of an amp, but when it has one, sounds amazing. You're looking at more expensive amp with more expensive headphones, and you might not even like the sound any better.
I'd start with the 58X if you're just getting in.
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Everyone claims that, but their numbers say otherwise. If you know the math, you know they're full of it.
Yes it will drive them, but the question is how loud you can get without distortion.
Thanks dude, appreciate you dropping some knowledge.
Agreed. Amp or not? That's the easier question to ask.
I grabbed one of these guys from a recent drop - Xduoo Xp-2
Unless you have a good amp, the 58X would be the better option. They're very close in sound signature anyhow.
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Loud but distorted is most likely scenario. Albeit, that's based on assumptions made from the fact that they only give one output power rating for low impedance.
That’s what I was banking on so I went 58x. 200 is t terrible if I upgrade in the future and add an amp into the mix.
The are so good and different at the same time. Lets say. I Have bought HD 660S after 1 minute of listening in demo shop for 550 USD (In NZ=15% tax etc) And later had the same dilemma 6XX or 58X? So, decided to buy all of them for the same price plus 7XX: 199+149+199$ 6XX, 58X and 7XX. No regrets at all. 6XX for main system 300 Ohm 58X for portable 7XX for gaming etc ( IMHO the best sound stage after HD800S for that price)
Cheers, Kim
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