Require Parts For My Alpina

Hi community, I have an Alpina AlpineraX watch which I require two of the three battery mount slot screws and one of the four backing cover slot screws as I lost them when changing a defective battery. I had the screws in a container and I dropped it on the ground. Alpina won't sell you the screws, but they want me to ship the watch to them so they install them and charge a large amount. I find this observe as I am an HVAC mechanic and repair much more complex equipment than changing a battery on my watch. Does anyone know who I can buy these screws from or would sell them to me directly, thanks?

Jan 14, 2022
Wow of course they want you to send it in! The same thing happens to me anytime the paver breaks down and I try to order the pump or part myself! I would check Amazon for small watch screws or miniature screws and seeing if you could find bundle packs of screws of all shapes and sizes. If you find the right thread but it's too long you can always cut it yourself. Whatever you do, don't break and send it in!