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Looking for a gaming/content audio setup

Hello! I'm looking for recommendations on audio setups. I'd be planning on using it mostly for gaming. Preferably I'd like a pair of large closed back headphones since I have a big head and jaw. I'd also like to hear myself through my mic with mic monitoring. As far as budget goes, I don't really have one. But under 600$ would be nice. I can go higher if needed. The audio setup would be connected to a high performance PC. Thank you in advance for any recommendations!
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Beyerdynamic DT 770's: nice balanced sound. Meze 99 Noir's: BASSy and fun. Dan Clark Audio Aeon Closed: Neutral planar magnetic These 3 are for sale here at Drop, but I'd look for some other options at some other stores, like Beyerdynamic's website.
beyerdynamic2cansYou will need a good DAC and/or amp to run the DT 770's and the Aeon, try Schiit's Magni Unity or the Fulla.
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