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White-on-black doubleshot keys NorDe(Swedish), traditional symbols, black/"System" for Windows keys, no multimedia prints. Get WHERE? WHO makes them? While ultrageneric, NOONE sells it, there must be a market.

Hi everyone,
I want something generic that's not on the market:
* Doubleshot key caps (preferably PBT but I guess ABS is fine),
* White on black (or black with a dark brown nuance or similar),
* Variants of the Windows key that are blank, or say "System",
* No multimedia keys,
* Preferably traditional symbol prints e.g. arrows and menu keys are actually a geometrical arrow instead of a "DOWN", "UP" text,
And I want this in "NorDe" layout (= Swedish).
The closest on the market is Filco's SPKCS105D/SW (, review, photo ) however it has ugly Windowsy Windows keys and you can't buy blank Windows keys separately. I find Windows logos immoral, there is no relation to Windows. If was all-black it would have fit too.
The design that inspires me the most of all keyboard designs is maybe "GMK Eclipse" ( / and was retailed here, it has such a fresh, clear and professional feeling to it.
While there are high quality keyboards on the market (e.g. Filco, Wasd), most key caps suck. WASD for instance delivers UV keys (called "pad printing" here, for me they started wearing off in weeks, that's just totally unacceptable. I believe except for not wearing off, doubleshot key caps will have a special classic unmistakable shine to them that appeals to anyone who is quality-conscious. There must be a market for an all-black multilingual shiny black key set for constant sale, not just some random massdrop five years ago from someone who is now unreachable.
Who can make this?
Is it available today?
Who can I ask for it?

This question should apply to other language designs like French, Portuguese, German, Russian, and so on.
(For the great general relevance of the question, I doubleposted with and .)

Kbdfans has a lot of stuff. The link above might point you to something you like
That is the most specific request I have ever seen. At least you know what you want, better than not knowing.
Oct 24, 2018
erickongErick, thank you so much for your compliment.
The key set you referred to is black-on-white, I'm looking for a white-on-black key cap set.
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