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can a s.m.s.l sAP II drive a DT990 premium 600ohm?

Hey, can the s.m.s.l sAP II drive a Beyerdynamic DT990 premium 600ohm?
If not I'd love to get some affordable suggestions.

It should drive it to listenable levels, provided you are not big in to high dynamic range recordings (classical, some well recorded jazz etc).
If you want something that pump in more power, consider Schiit Magni 3 at $100. They drive my pair of DT990 600 ohms quite nicely. A high impedance can like this definitely generates some back EMF, but 0.3 ohms output impedance on the magni is fine.
Thanks, I have a friend that owns a magni 3, I'll test it with his and decide.
That amp puts out 150mW at 250 ohms which is roughly ~6.1 Vrms. But, the OI is not listed so I am going to assume it's rather high. Also, I can't discern how well this unit can handle loads over 600 ohms (this Beyer is right around 612 ohms from what I have read). This Beyer wants close to ~4 Vrms for 110 dB which is pretty healthy and could actually request more depending on dynamics and the track being played. So, I think this amp will be good enough if you listen at lower volumes but you are really getting close to the limit of this unit and could experience clipping and distortion. Honestly, for 600 ohm Beyers, I would look at a more powerful unit.
I can make some suggestions if I know your budget.
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Thanks again!, I do think I'll buy a tube amp in the future.
No problem at all. Be sure to update us on whatever you settle on :)