Oct 24, 2018237 views

3.5mm extension audio quality

I've been considering getting a 3.5mm extension (male to female) cable for my headphones, but I'm not quite sure which cables to get that maintains good audio quality. Just based on the various forums I've read so far, some just recommend getting a cheap but resilient cable, others recommend grabbing a more premium cable from Monster Cable or Blue Jeans Cable. Some say that there's absolutely no difference in quality between cheap or premium cables. Is there anything specific to look for or would a cheap amazonbasics or monoprice cable do the trick?
ethanchan and josecramirez

Thanks for the feedback. Ended up getting the monoprice premium cable for like 3 bucks.
Unless you're running cable that's over 16 feet long, I find it hard to believe you'd experience any interference issues. I buy Monoprice cables 90% of the time as they're built very nice for the price and offer tons of options since they sell audio equipment as well.
I agree with AudioFaze, Amazon Basic cables is the way to go, I use them and have not had any problems with them or the with signal degradation. Oh yeah, they look good too..
Get the AmazonBasics cable. It will do the trick.