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THX replacement for out of stock 789

The THX 789 is out of stock. No problem. Just buy the monoprice THX887 which is still in stock at this time at the same price. The bonus is that the thx887 is a better sounding amp. Noticeably richer sound with a smoother high end and better dynamics. Both amps are basically twins with the 887 amp having upgraded capacitors and op amps vs the 789. Yes both amps suffer from having sub par pots but the 887 ( with upgrade exception)is structurally no different than the 789. Hence why not get the 887.

Mar 5, 2022 887 and 789 from second hand opinion really have no difference in sound that wouldn't really be more than subjective placebo. Objectively they measure so low that it would hard press anyone to hear an actual difference. I personally own 789 but never have had 887 so take my opinion with grain of salt. Now if I did not have 789 and couldn't get a 789 I would get Schiit Magnius that is the Schiit version of a thx and reference amp that is very powerful and measures almost identically and subjectively most users in general believe the sound signature is the same for only $200 dollars.
Mar 5, 2022
allsmilesbRespectfully disagree. Objective tests do not tell the whole story. ie transparency, dynamics, soundstage. Ask any audiophile about what amps work best with a senn 6xx for example. They will tell you that a moderate price tube amp makes those phones shine even though they have inferior measurements. As a matter of fact your link to Josh Valour is a person who loves the Little Dot Mk 2 tube amp with the 6xx. Btw i have both thx amps and the difference in sound is obvious. Believe me im not a Monoprice fanboy.
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