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Blue Sadie, thoughts?

This dynamic headphone is powered by a completely analog, built-in amp which also offers a passive mode. The drivers are 50cm with a 42ohm impendance. Powered, the built-in amp delivers about 240mW. I considered the Ella, planar magnetic, but couldn’t justify the price considering Hifiman and Audeze put out great cans at the price point of $699 MSRP. These Saidies are about $399MSRP. I bought them on auction for $280. I watched Zeos’ review on YouTube and have searched for other credible review sources. It was a drop here a while back with so few purchases and little love online in terms of amount of reviews. Is there anyone with firsthand listening experience or reliable, third-party frequency response graph? Any thoughts? I plan on driving these cans with my Topping D30 DAC, Massdrop O2 amp, and listening to music via Deezer lossless audio.
For reference, I own the HD58X (I love its vocal presence) and HE4XX (for its clarity, speed, slight brightness and tighter bass) . I just recently purchased the DT1990PRO. I auditioned the DT1990PRO at the local Yodabashi Camera and was enamored with its clarity, accuracy, sound stage, bass impact and extension. Though, the treble was a bit shrill, I can forgive its sibilance simply because I can EQ it and the build/design is phenomenal. I enjoy a warm sound, though not too warm, clinical, accurate, and a touch fun. I bought and sold my Meze 99 Neos because the bass was wonderful, but muddy, and it was fantastically warm, though a little too artificially warm for my liking.


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