Nov 1, 2018

Shipping Alternatives

Would MD consider offering different shipping options for a fee? Obviously you would charge whatever the markup is on the different shipping versus your standard, and add extra shipping and handling fees, and even a markup... Could be a money maker for you. I mean I would literally pay good money for you NOT to use SmartPost.
Heefty and jefe32

The time to ship out would rise considerably and the cost of shipping would likely rise for the base option as well as any alternatives if provided to us. Processing everything at once and in one way is going to be a lot more efficient. You need more people, more space, etc once you start adding variety in the shipping pipeline.
This is certainly not a new idea, but thus far Massdrop has seemed deaf to the request... Not sure why but I'm not holding my breath that this is going to happen.
Yeah, I had seen this raised before. When it became personal was the following... I have a problem with a balanced IEM cable I bought through a drop. Customer Service was great - sent me a new one, using FedEx / SmartPost... Expected transit 3 days. Then, while in transit, it jumped from 3 days to 7... Google maps tells me I could WALK the distance from their warehouse to my place in 6 1/2 days. That’s when it hit home...
No one else? Everyone, other than one thumbs up, is ok with SmartPost?