Has anyone gotten the Drop CTRL working with a KVM switch? I have a CKL 2 port switch with 3 USB input ports, 1 for mouse, 1 for keyboard, and 1 labeled 2.0 HUB. When the keyboard is directly plugged into the keyboard port on the back of the KVM switch or the 2.0 HUB port on the front of the KVM, it does not work (no lights and typing doesn't work). I have an old D-Link powered USB 2.0 hub that I have plugged the Drop CTRL into. When the D-Link hub is connected to the keyboard port on the back of the KVM it does NOT work, but when plugged into the 2.0 HUB on the front it does work. The only problem is that I can't use the keyboard hotkeys to switch computers. Any suggestions? If you've gotten it to work, would love to know the brand/model. As a side note, my older Code Keyboard keyboard works fine plugged in, either through the powered USB hub or directly into the KVM. Input switching of the KVM only works if the keyboard is connected to the rear keyboard port (which makes sense) directly or through the powered USB Hub.



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Love The Look, But Too Much Work To Make It Feel Right, Strange Key Layout
This is probably my favorite overall board in terms of the look of it. In terms of the feel, it has taken so much work to make this a "useable" keyboard. I really couldn't have known how unhappy I would be with the standard keycap set till I bought it. But they use such a weird combination of sizes for the left shift, left CTRL and space bars that using anything other than the stock keycaps requires at least 3 and possibly 4 sets depending on which set you use. Pictured is the YMDK Split 64 and T0MB3RY SA CARBON dual alphas and modifiers, along with a random key from my Dancer set because no left shift from the T0MB3RY kit would fit. Sitting on top of the Chenyi Good Wishes desk mat, which has gotten more abuse than my other mats but is still my favorite.
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I was just wondering if all the gmk keycaps where compatible and will work without and keys sticking on the apex pro/mini
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I'm surprised by how well the color match turned out! Piggy w/ shinbun
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Upgraded my Drop Alt with a cheap EVGA Z15
When I saw the hotswappable EVGA Z15 keyboard was only 40 bucks and the same price as buying just the KAILH Bronze switches I wanted to try in my Drop Alt, I went ahead and bought it from Amazon. On prime day it was even cheaper at only 35 bucks, I can't say I regret paying the extra 5 for the value I got out of it though. I basically got a whole spare keyboard, keycaps, 8 free speed silvers, a switch and keycap puller, all for the same price as 110 Kailh Bronze switches I was already doing to buy. I used the keyboard for a few days before popping the switches out, and found the stabilizers on the spacebar to be much nicer than the ones in my 2 year old Alt (I understand Newer drop alts have a better stabs included). Out of curiosity I looked at the stabs in the Z15 and found them to be a match for the drop alt, and swapped them over, I didnt even have to unscrew anything, just popped them out with the tabs. My spacebar feels so much nicer now, and I didn't have to pay another 25...
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Hypothetically, imagine DROP could get any licensing rights for any past present and future GMK set, and make it in DCX, what would it be? (ima start stirring the pot with DCX Nuclear Data)
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