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Headphone recommendations?

I'm looking something that's optimal for gaming (I have a separate mic I don't need a headset) and my budget is around $200-$300. I had a pair of 250 ohm DT990s and I liked the sound of them but they stopped working around a week ago. I use a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 to power my headphones. Any recommendations would be great, thanks!

The common answers seem to be the HE-400 series and X2s. After doing some research I think the X2s fit me better so I'll go in on them. Thanks!
If are alone than HE-400S or HE-400i (they leak sound a lot more than DTs). If not than fostex 50s or 0XX.
Definitely a pair of used audeze sine.
Fidelio x2
HE-400S. Hands down the best for the price range you're talking. HD600 is very good as well. If you can get in on the HD6XX drop if it ever happens again, I'd point you that way. Of those three though, the HE-400S wins for gaming. Better soundstage, better imaging. A little lacking in the bass extension, but definitely made up for in bass definition.
My pick would be the Phillips Fidelio X2 I use them for gaming great sounding headphones all round. The drop AKG K7XX would be very good too I hear they have more bass than my AKG K702 which I find great for gaming but just a little bass shy.