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AKG K7xx VS Sennheiser HD 6XX (Gaming)

Okay guys, Ive seen to many different answers to this questions. I know its preference at the end of the day but there has to be one that people more often say is better than the other for gaming. Which do you guys think is better and why? Benefits? Pros? Cons? Tell me what you guys think.

Tldr: neither of those for pure gaming, get the PC37X with a nice sound card, maybe Soundblaster Zx, and you're done for about $250-300. Otherwise you'll want an amp/dac and I couldn't find a better combo until I spent about $2000 (HD 800 S, Valhalla 2, Modi Multibit). My Sennheiser HD 650s had a pretty good sound stage and audio quality in game, but honestly I felt Senns gaming headset had much better accuracy in producing game sounds (gunshots/explosions/footsteps) and were only outshined when listening to music and the midrange was sweet. So if you want to game and be able to listen to sweet music then do the 6XX. Otherwise the PC37X gaming headset is also on massdrop if you're interested, it's cheaper, and better for straight gaming IMO. It uses the same driver as the HD 598 headphones but is tuned for gaming and adds a decentish mic. It's also labeled as open back but it's not as open as most open backs, it's more of a hybrid and I think it's part of why it's taken me a long time to find a better pair of cans. I ended up actually returning my HD 650's for Sennheiser HD 800 S's which are EPICCC when it comes to sound stage. I feel like a God in Siege listening to people walk through the buildings or like I'm in the middle of a concert when listening to music. Also can't recommend Schiit audio enough for amp/dac if you go that route, Valhalla 2 and Modi Multibit are a pretty epic combo with the 6XX or the 800 S, especially for classic rock and acoustic. Also, never tested the K7XX, that one seems to be getting recommended a lot though for gaming focus. But I didn't find a setup better than my PC37X (I had the actual Senn version, but appears the same) with a Soundblaster Zx until I spent about $2000... My original setup was like... $250... You don't need that kind of hardware for ONLY gaming, it's more for listening to music, so you can hear every single instrument perfectly neutral with .000001% distortion and have Nirvanas acoustic album caress your cajones through your eardrums.
It depends on the kinds off games you play. For adventure and atmospheric games you want a large sound stage, for FPS games you want a narrower sound stage with precise imaging. I use the Fidelio X2 for everything but FPS gaming, I've switched to the 58X for that.
I own both, and I'm also a gamer. The K7XX has more soundstage; for multiplayer games they give you an edge in knowing your surroundings. They also sound great for open world games that have high level of surround audio detail, like in Red Dead Redemption. Games like God Of War, the 6XX just makes the game more intimate, since the focus of gameplay is at the center. In terms of music, I give it to the 6XX; the level of detail is superb. Summary: K7XX-Competitive Multiplayer and open world games (PUBG/Overwatch/Witcher 3) 6XX-intimate games (God of War/Persona 5)
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I also own the 4XX. I really enjoyed it while playing Red Dead Redemption 2. For some reason, the spacious, warm open sound it offers, gives it a western feel. I think the K7XX is still the overall better route for gaming.
thanks for the review needed it from a gaming perspective.
The K7XX for sure. They have a better soundstage, which is something you want for your shooters/RPGs. It'll be easier to tell where sounds are coming from. However, I like the sound of the HD 6XX better for music. IMHO they have much better timbre and a much more natural, laid-back presentation of the music that seems to work very well for most genres. A good amp is a must for both. That being said, a headphone made for gaming would be even better.
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Ive always preferred open backs. Closed backs are nice for feeling isolated around you but the sound stage of an open back in my opinion is so much better! Also Is there a cable you recommend i buy for it? I already know i have to buy i mod mic.
Many will disagree with me, but as long as your cables aren't REALLY cheap I don't think they make any difference. If the ones that come with it aren't a good length for you just find one off Amazon.