Nov 22, 201877 views

Why so many DACs and portable music players but no digital audio streamers?

I have looked through the Audiophile Drops and I think there has only been one networked streamer, it was a TEAC with built in DAC and amp. I was looking for a compact streamer that has USB 2 output to go to my DAC. Any recommendations? Why doesn't Massbrop offer networked digital audio streamers?

Probably because most people nowadays would just use their phone/laptop instead. Not sure if having a dedicated audio streamer would actually improve sound quality (audio through USB without being decrapified usually sounds like a** anyhow)
Part of the reason USB does sound bad is that the computer is a noisy environment. Part of the appeal of a streamer is that it is dedicated to one function with higher quality components and less noise. Why do portable media players exist if phones exist?
Agreed - I have been in the market for a high quality network streamer with some good features.