Drop + Etymotic: Teaming up to Create Exceptional Earphones

We’re collaborating with legendary IEM manufacturer Etymotic to bring the community something special. The ERX: a high-performing pair of earphones that blends the best of two iconic models. But before we get to the earphones, we need the history—about Etymotic and its signature IEMs.   In the Ear Canal, From the ‘90s to Now Etymotic is widely known for its ER Series of IEMs, which came out in the early 90’s. Since then, the company has continued to produce the same product line with minor changes over the years. One unique aspect of Etymotic’s products is that they are designed to sit in the ear canal. This creates an excellent seal and with accurate sound; however, it can be a less secure fit than most in-concha designs with ear hooks.   A Legacy of Hi-Fi Firsts Etymotic was founded in 1983 with an emphasis on auditory research and engineering-driven product design. Shortly thereafter, in 1984, Etymotic invented the first insert earphones for audiological research (The ER1, ER2 and ER3). Variations on these products are still in use today. In 1991, Etymotic released the first consumer hi-fi insert earphone: the ER4. This was the first noise-isolating, high-fidelity earphone designed around the use of balanced armature drivers, which had previously been used only in hearing aid design. The ER4 design has undergone minor changes over the years but is still in production and is still used as a benchmark that many other earphones are compared to. In 2021, Etymotic introduced the EVO, the first multi-driver earphone in company history. The EVO utilizes an in-concha form factor, also a first in the history of the company.  The original ER4:


Introducing the ERX   Over the years, the ER Series and the EVO Series have earned thousands of fans. But what about listeners who like the in-concha form factor of the latter, but prefer the sound of a single-balanced armature design of the former? This brings us to the ERX. The ERX is designed to bridge the gap between the popular ER4XR and the EVO. The sound is truly a blend of both products, bringing the coherence and purity of the ER4XR, while utilizing the form factor of the EVO and all the associated benefits and build quality.     Stay tuned for more updates in a few days.

Jul 28, 2022
How many and what kind of drivers are in each ear?
Jul 27, 2022
Jul 26, 2022
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