Headphone Stands - Functional & Good Looking!
Good Day Ladies & Gents!
Not the most glamourous of threads I am sorry, but I need some headphone stand guidance and figure as I am lucky enough to be surrounded by a delightful bunch of various levels from just starting like myself to a definition of Audiophiles if I can not get good advice on a good looking, functional stand maybe a choice of silver and black. Black preferred!
I main part is that the hanging delights are not having the band stretched, deformed or whatever else scare story I have read!
AM based in the UK so local would be a bonus.
THank you very much! :)

I'm using two of the Brainwavz Hengja purchased from Amazon for $15 each. Screw clamps so no drilling required, and they can be moved easily if necessary. Smart idea with the IKEA toilet paper holder though!
If using the amazingly functional IKEA toilet roll holder as I will be getting 2. One for a pair of cans and depending if you have a onesie with a poop flap (you can make one lol) you can use the second toilet roll holder to hold toilet roll with quilted paper of course, cut a hole in your l back up chair or bucket....
Boom! No need to lose tine going to the toilet throughout the day?!
Genious.. ... Or not.. ROFL!!
Feb 2, 2017
Is that a dragonfly DAC i see mounted under there as well?
Feb 1, 2017
I use the ikea grundtal toilet roll hanger under my desk, works perfectly. Thanks to ikea hackers for that, really cheap as well :)
Truly great idea! I will get two, one for each side of my desk! :D
Nice find! :)