Nov 28, 201858 views

Where in the world is the Link?? Baffled in Seattle

Purchase Hi friends. I just found out about Massdrop, and I just found out about the 6XX. Can anyone help. I cannot find the link to purchase the 6XX. They say they are available for another 15 hrs, but I don't know how to buy.. Amazing, I have never seen anything like this before. I have to be missing something Thanks for anyone who can truly help here. I'm running out of time.

Yeah, it's bit confusing till you do it once. Glad you got it. Some great stuff on here.
You’re bank account will wish you never discovered Massdrop.
Right? Holly Ma jolly. There's a ton of S/%€t in here
Click the blue "Join Drop" button on the right side of the UI. Don't worry. The HD6XX will continued to be sold. The time to buy does not end. Hit the 'BUY DROP' button, don't panic, this drop will recycle...