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Really Dissapointed in The Nuforce MOVE Bluetooth Earbuds

I received the MOVE earbuds today. The packaging was ok but nothing compared to some of their competition. I was not able to pair the buds with my Samsung Z-Fold 3 phone, so I tried my M1 MacMini. That paired immediately. There are no instructions in the box, so I went on Google and found everything I could, There is also no app. I got them to work right away. The sound is like it is not in my ear. the volume is VERY low and I thought that maybe I needed a different tip, so the bass could increase. .....I have gone a little crazy this year purchasing 23 pairs, all under $75.00 It is amazing what you can get for around $50 these days. I do not need to insult Nuforce, by listing 10 others on my desk, that are worlds better than these. I just put in larger tips and it helped the sound greatly,but the volume is really low. The sound is now more balanced and sounds much more like it should , but still, I have NO IDEA why DROP, who I LOVE, would bother with these..They do not need another poor earbud to JV with. I have purchased products by Nuforce in the past. Their quality was very good. My experience with DROP is extensive and 99.9% Great. From Headphones to cables, keyboards, DAC, and Tube Headphone Amps. I always love seeing what joint ventures DROP is up to lately..until today... My Score Board 1 to 5 ( 5 best) Build Quality 3 Packaging(no instructions) 2 Ease to Pair 4 Sound 3 Value for $$ 2.8 Final Thoughts- Pass on these.... Mike Siegel - New Jersey

Aug 23, 2022
I just want to say that I was delighted to see that Drop and NuForce decided to launch with (to my knowledge) latest standard of Bluetooth in Bluetooth V5.0 compared to the V4.1 found in Stride. Its Bluetooth profiles include A2DP V1.3, HFP V1.7, AVRCP V1.6 and HSP V1.2 – all Bluetooth profiles that were also updated versions of the one found in Stride.
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